A Writers of the Future winner & a runner-up in The Writers Bureau’s Writer of the Year 2017 Award.

My short stories are resident in Writers of the Future Volume 33, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Deep Magic, Galaxy’s Edge, Lamplight, and elsewhere. I crave immortality. So, do let me know if you happen upon an elixir.

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The Woodcutters’ Deity. This is a fairy tale-ish story about the death and birth of gods, and ultimately the burden of godhood. It won second place in Writers of the Future Contest 2nd Quarter 2016 and appeared in Writers of the Future Volume 33 (2017).

The Woodcutters’ Deity (reprint). Upcoming at Digital Fantasy Fiction.

Being a Giant in Men’s World. This is a Nigerian fantasy tale addressing the rights of giants as humans. It appeared in Galaxy’s Edge Issue #32.

SisiMumu. This is a science fiction short story, and it’s upcoming at Future Affairs Administration.

Nneamaka’s Ghost. This is a ghost story (obviously) set in rural West Africa. It appeared in Beneath Ceaseless Skies Issue #243.

Middle of Nowhere. A fantasy tale set in Nigeria. It appeared in Abyss & Apex (2018).

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Sing Me a Song

There was a girl. She loved to sing, but her mama warned her that the villagers might throw stones at her if they heard her voice. She met a man on her way to the river. He knew what would happen if she were to sing, yet he said to her, “Sing Me a Song.”

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The Woodcutters’ Deity

This is a fairy tale-ish story about the death and birth of gods, and ultimately the burden of godhood. It won second place in Writers of the Future Contest 2nd Quarter 2016 and is upcoming in Writers of the Future Volume 33 (2017).

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The Worst Breed of Vultures

Most of the beta readers for this story classified it as gut-wrenching and brutal. The speculative elements in it are subjective and cultural. So unlike my other work, this isn’t a fantasy story. It’s mainstream, but dark. It appeared in Bourbon Penn Issue #12 (November 2016).

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Beverly Press Interview

Excerpt: Walter Dinjos of Anambra State, Nigeria, is among the writers being recognized for his African-themed story, “The Woodcutters’ Diety.”

Interview at Reflections of a Rational Republican by Sean Hazlett

Excerpt: “I love fantasy. As a reader, because of the genre’s capacity to take me to places of magic and wonders. As a writer, because of the freedom that comes with writing in that genre. I mean, I get to play God.” Continue reading “Interviews”


My Maker

This is a poem about the meaning of life and my search for a high power. It appeared in The Literary Hatch, Issue 8.

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The Literary Hatchet, Issue 10

Four of my poems appeared in this issue of The Literary Hatchet. They include: “A Fading World”, “Words of My Broken Heart”, “There Is Going to Be a Way”, and “Breath of Heaven”.

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Enslaved Invaders

This is a poem about my silly thoughts of what unlikely aliens could be or look like. It appeared in The Literary Hatchet, Issue 12.

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Sub-Saharan Magazine


Sub-saharan Magazine is dedicated to publishing speculative fiction with an African flavour.

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