Sing Me a Song


There was a girl. She loved to sing, but her mama warned her that the villagers might throw stones at her if they heard her voice. She met a man on her way to the river. He knew what would happen if she were to sing, yet he said to her, “Sing Me a Song.”

I just got word from Jacob Haddon, the editor at Lamplight Magazine, that the story of this little girl is now available online in both epub and mobi formats and in the company of tales by Amandeep Jutla, Ryan Lazarus, Nghi Vo, and Konstantinos Kellis.

Sing Me a Song is my first story appearing in Lamplight and I am really excited that it found a home there, seeing as I have been targeting the magazine for nearly two years now.

For the rest of 2016, I have stories coming up in at least two other publications. The first one, which should be out in two weeks in “Bourbon Penn (Issue #12)”, is “The Worst Breed of Vultures”, and the second is “The Coffin Maker’s Son”. The release date hasn’t been fixed, but Editor Hildy Silverman at Space & Time Magazine said I should expect the story in Issue #127 in November/December.

I also have stories coming up next year in “Writers of the Future, Volume 33 (I still haven’t recovered from the excitement that accompanied the news of this one) and Stupefying Stories SHOWCASE.

What else has been going on with me recently?

This year has been wonderful, I must say. August saw the reprint of “The Diamond Fish” in Myriad Lands, Volume 1: Around the World. It’s a story about a Nigerian boy who caught a magical fish but would rather keep it alive than allow his father to sell it for millions to a local magician who wants to eat it.

Then just last month, the people at Strangelet Press published “Strangelet, Volume 2, Issue 5” (edited by Bill Campbell). And guess what?  “The Soulless”, my science fantasy tale about harvesting the human soul for energy, is among the published stories.

Finally, I learnt last Sunday that “A Hundred Lifetimes”, another science fantasy story set in a world I briefly mentioned in “The Soulless”, has earned me a place in the Deep Magic family. I have visited the magazine’s captivating website every now and then for two days now, and I can’t help but say that I’m immensely glad the story ended up there.

It has been a nice year and I look forward to discovering what the rest of it has in store for me. I mean, I currently have three short stories under consideration and two in the works, and I really hope to make a few more sales before the year runs out.

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