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I’m Nigerian, a Writers of the Future winner, and a runner-up in The Writers Bureau Writer of the Year 2017 Award. I’m managing editor at Sub-Saharan Magazine, which I founded out of my hunger to empower fellow African fantasy and science fiction writers.

My journey into the literary world began in 2010 when I indulged a misinformed idea to write a novel to raise money for the production of my music and earn a living for my family. It took me six months to realise two truths. One, my money-raising scheme was colossally flawed; making money through writing is tedious. Two, despite the dismal rejection letters and a few other unsuccessful publishing attempts, I had found too much fulfilment in writing to quit.

So I enrolled in a Creative Writing course at The Writers Bureau England.

Now my short stories have appeared (or are upcoming) in Writers of the Future Volume #33, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Deep Magic, Galaxy’s Edge, Lamplight Magazine, Abyss & Apex, and elsewhere. My poems have appeared in three The Literary Hatchet issues, and I hope to portray the peculiar beauty of Nigerian cultures through my writing.

When I’m not writing, I travel across Nigeria, visiting the country’s many historic sites and communities to experience their diverse cultures and traditions first-hand, and when I write, this rich cultural heritage becomes the heart of my prose.

I crave immortality, so do contact me if you happen upon an elixir, whether medical or magical.

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