This is a Nigerian fantasy tale about a man’s struggles to escape Boko Haram and the wife he is destined to marry. It appeared in Abyss & Apex, Issue #66.


“…Dinjos has created a fascinating magical system and populated his world with interesting people – I would have liked to see this expanded into a full novella or novel – and the interplay between the protagonist and the “savages” is fascinating.”

~ Jason Crawford, Beyond the Curtain of Reality.

” In Nigeria, our narrator is taking a bus trip when it breaks down. He encounters a primitive people and their jujusist claims him. He cannot escape. Can his father, a Boko Haram leader, save him? Interesting locale and culture with a nice twist at the end.”

Sam Tomaino, SFRevu Review.

“…I want to finish this that while it’s a good story, it’s simple. Simple, yet fun and those are the kinds of stories I have a soft appreciation for. It doesn’t have to be artsy or be super descriptive, it just has to tell me a story about a character in a dire situation and how he solves things. Sometimes, that’s a style that works. I do recommend this story, so do read it when you get the chance.”

~ Steven Capobianco. 

Written by Walter Dinjos
A Nigerian writer of African-themed fantasy and science fiction stories. A Writers of the Future winner. And a runner-up in the Writers Bureau Writer of the Year awards 2017. Life goals: Tour Du Mont Blanc, interstellar space travel, immortality, godhood.