The Worst Breed of Vultures

Most of the beta readers for this story classified it as gut-wrenching and brutal. The speculative elements in it are subjective and cultural. So unlike my other work, this isn’t a fantasy story. It’s mainstream but dark. It appeared in Bourbon Penn Issue #12.



My personal favourite in this volume is Walter Dinjos’ piece, The Worst Breed of Vultures. Beautifully realised with razor sharp prose, this story cuts deeply and leaves an unforgettable mark.

~ Andrew Roberts: A Writers of the Future winner and the author of Tears for Shulna.

Written by Walter Dinjos
A Nigerian writer of African-themed fantasy and science fiction stories. A Writers of the Future winner. And a runner-up in the Writers Bureau Writer of the Year awards 2017. Life goals: Tour Du Mont Blanc, interstellar space travel, immortality, godhood.