Beverly Press Interview

Excerpt: Walter Dinjos of Anambra State, Nigeria, is among the writers being recognized for his African-themed story, “The Woodcutters’ Diety.”

Interview at Reflections of a Rational Republican by Sean Hazlett

Excerpt: “I love fantasy. As a reader, because of the genre’s capacity to take me to places of magic and wonders. As a writer, because of the freedom that comes with writing in that genre. I mean, I get to play God.”

Interview at Weightless Books by Andrea Pawley

Excerpt: “…It’s rumoured in Nigeria that if you should bend and look behind through your legs in an open market, you would see spirits floating in the midst of the crowd, and you would not survive the sight. I put that rumour to the test once, but here I still am…”

Beyond Bermuda and The Forbidden Sea

Excerpt: “…I prefer to write in the middle of the night when everywhere is ominously quiet – keeps my heart thumping and my mind excited…”