Reviews of “The Woodcutters’ Deity”

This is a story of myths long-past — or are they past? Young Nduka is beset on all sides. His cruel, laughing brothers torment him (though he sometimes gets the better of them); and at the same time, the forces of nature themselves seem out to get him. His only confidant is… the Tree. No ordinary tree, the Tree talks to him, and listens to his troubles. Is it his ally? Or something darker?

This story is told in the form of African folklore, with hints of a story told by a campfire; but through the strong voice of Nduka, it feels current as well. And the ending has a nice, satisfying twist that I never saw coming.

~ Martin L. Shoemaker, Evil Martin

…This was also very good. Definitely would want more about the mythology here.

~ VerniceFiction Fantastic

I did like this story. It was an interesting one. It was easy to follow and understand. It had me interested from beginning to end. I felt it was easy to relate to from other stories about gods. And had ended deferentially than what I had been expecting.

~ Stacy Witt, My Ramblings.